W88 Football: Wager on top Premier League matches with W88zo

Play W88 Football betting at 2 hottest W88 Sportsbooks- CMD & V-Sports 1. Claim A$20 W88 Free Credit & wager on W88 Premier League matches with W88ZO bet guide.

W88 Football Betting  W88 Sportsbook  W88 Free Credit A$20

On the internet, you will find many different kinds of online betting sites that provide customers with a good platform to wager on top football matches. However, there are a few such online betting sites that provide customers with additional benefits such as accurate statistical charts and new member promotions, and one such betting site is W88. W88 Football betting is not only fun but also simple to play, and below we have mentioned a simple betting guide on how to wager on W88 premier league matches in the W88 sportsbook.

W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial

Wager on hot W88 Premier League matches in 3 simple steps

Let us quickly take a look at how you can play W88 Football betting on the website using 3 simple betting steps. With these 3 simple steps, you can wager on any of the W88 Football matches from any of the popular leagues in the sports like the W88 Premier League matches. So, go ahead and make a W88 Register today in under 2 minutes to play some fun W88 Football betting online.

Step 1: Join W88 and select your preferred sportsbook

  • The first thing you must do is log into your W88 accounts by clicking on the ‘Log In‘ button on the homepage. If you do not own a W88 account, then you can create on in the W88 Register in under 2 minutes by clicking on the ‘Join‘ button.

W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial step 1

  • Once that is done, you must click or hover your mouse over the ‘Sports‘ product on the homepage, and from under this, select your preferred sportsbook to wager on a W88 Football match.
  • If you wish to wager on live matches like the W88 Premier League, then you can click on the CMD Sportsbook. But if you wish to wager on virtual W88 Football matches, then you can use the v-Sports 1 sportsbook.

Step 2: Filter the sportsbook to pick W88 Football match

  • In step 2, you can filter the W88 sportsbook as you can set the match timings of your choice to choose from Early, Today, or Live matches. You must then click on the ‘Soccer‘ option to get all W88 Football matches on one page.

W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial step 2

  • As you can see, you can even select your preferred betting option to make finding your preferred matches even more easier. Once done, you can scroll down and click on your preferred match, and move on to the next step.
  • Here we have selected an early match in the English Premier League played by Manchester City and Liverpool to wager on the 1X2 betting option. Use the W88 Free Credit of A$20 that you can claim on account verification to continue with the final step of this W88 Premier League football betting tutorial.

Step 3: Wager on a sub-bet to lock your bets in for the match

  • In the final step of this tutorial, you must click on your preferred sub-betting option to lock your bets in for the match in the W88 Sportsbook. Doing so would open a betting slip on the left side of the W88 Sportsbook.

W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial step 3

  • In the betting slip, enter your betting stake and this will show you the potential payout returns you can get based on your betting stake and betting odds of the selected sub-bet.
  • Once this is done, you can click on the ‘Bet‘ button to lock your bets in for the match in the W88 Sportsbook. Now all you must do is wait for the results of the bets placed, but to know the potential outcomes of the bets placed here, read below.

Top 6 must-try wagering options in W88 Football

Before we look at the outcome example of the W88 football bets placed above, let us look into the different types of betting options you can wager on in the W88 sportsbook. This will give you an overview of which betting options you can play for W88 Premier League matches. Join and claim the W88 Promotion on sportsbooks and free credits to wager on these top betting options and win big payouts.

W88 football premier league W88zo bet guide and betting options review

  1. 1X2: The first and most common betting option you will find for W88 Football betting is the 1X2 betting option. This betting option is the one we played above, where you basically have to wager on the outcome of the match. Here 1 stands for Home team win, X stands for Draw win, and 2 stands for the Away team win.
  2. Over/Under: Over and Under or O/U is the next common betting option you can find in the W88 sportsbook. Here you must wager on the total score of both teams, whether they will be over or more than certain goals, or under or less than certain goals.
  3. Handicap: The Handicap or HDP bets in W88 Football matches are the next common betting options you will find. Handicap bets alter the real match results in the sportsbook by giving the underdog team headstart goals and stronger team handicap goals based on the strength difference at the beginning of the match. This is then calculated with the real match results to produce altered scores to determine the winner of the bets.
  4. Double Chance: Double Chance betting option is one of the best and most beginner-friendly betting options. Here get to wager on two out of the three outcomes of the 1X2 betting options. So, here you can wager on Home or Draw, Home or Away, or Away or Draw outcomes of the match end results.
  5. Correct Score: Correct Score is a fun yet tricky betting option you will find when playing W88 football in the sportsbook. Here you can make predictions on what the exact score will be at the end of the match, and thus, there are many sub-betting options to choose from here.
  6. Outright: Finally, there is the Outright W88 football betting option which is fun to wager on, especially for W88 Premier League matches. Here, you get to wager on the league outcome instead of the match outcome, wherein you can place an early bet on who you think would be the winner of the entire league.

How does the W88 Football betting odds work?

In this section, let us now look the W88 football outcome of the match bet placed above in the tutorial with respect to how the W88 Betting Odds work in the sportsbook. Here you will get an idea of how betting odds function in sports matches and also know more about the end match results of the bets placed above. This is something that comes in handy when playing sports betting online as beginners, so use the W88 Free Credit of A$20 to wager on your first sports W88 football match today.

Bet on 1 Manchester City @ 1.65 Bet on X Draw @ 4.10 Bet on 2 Liverpool @ 4.40
W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial outcome 1 W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial outcome 2 W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial outcome 3
Condition: Team 1 must win the match for this betting option to win Condition: The match must end in a draw for this betting option to win Condition: Team 2 must win the match for this betting option to win
Betting odds: 1.65 Betting odds: 4.10 Betting odds: 4.40
Betting stake: A$10 Betting stake: A$10 Betting stake: A$10
If the bet wins: A$16.50 is won as payout If the bet wins: A$41.00 is won as payout If the bet wins: A$44.00 is won as payout
If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost If the bet loses: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the winning and losing outcomes of the W88 football match depend on the betting odds and stakes. Thus, these two are very important when playing W88 football betting in the sportsbooks. Here you can see, that the higher the odds, the more payout returns you receive, and this is because the risk of wagering on these betting options is more. Since you have to defy the odds to win the bet, you get more payouts. That being said, lower odds mean that the payout you will receive would be less but the betting options with lower odds are more guaranteed to win. Based on this, you can make easy betting decisions for any of the betting options when playing W88 football betting online.

Play W88 Football betting today in 2 popular sportsbooks

Now that you have learnt about most of the important details for W88 Football betting online, let us look more into the W88 sportsbooks you will find on the website as a member to play W88 football betting online. Australian W88 members, can get access to 2 of the popular W88 Sportsbook platforms on the internet which is the CMD sportsbook and the v-Sports 1 sportsbooks. Both of these sportsbook, offer different forms of betting online which is mentioned below.

W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial at W88 sportsbooks

  1. CMD Sportsbook: The CMD sportsbook is the first sportsbook you can find in the W88 Sports section. Here you get to wager on live sports matches from top leagues like the W88 Premier League. Moreover, you can filter the sportsbook and select the match timings, and betting options, and even change the form of odds you are wagering on in the sportsbook. The minimum betting rate for the CMD W88 sportsbook is A$1 only so wagering here is not only beginner-friendly but also budget-friendly.
  2. v-Sports 1: The next sportsbook that you can use for playing W88 Football betting is the v-Sports 1 sportsbook. v-Sports basically stands for Virtual Sports and thus, you can wager on virtual football matches here with computerized betting odds to help you win. These bets in the W88 v-Sports 1 sportsbook take place quickly and there are many types of football virtual matches you can wager on with fun computerized gameplays to watch starting at A$1 only.

Why choose the W88 Football sportsbook?

With this, you have gained a lot of information about how to play W88 football betting online in the W88 Sportsbook. So before we leave, let us give you 5 reasons why you should choose the W88 football sportsbook as your go-to betting site. Joining W88 as a member provides you with a lot of amazing member benefits that make betting online fun and fruitful, use the W88 Live Chat service to enquire about these member benefits.

W88 football premier league W88zo betting guide tutorial and benefits review
Get a smooth W88 Football betting experience with W88 member benefits
  1. Legal and Secure: Firstly, the W88 betting site is legal and secure to use since it holds a BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate to operate. Moreover, this website comes with an SSL certification and Australian members must use a VPN to game online making this website even more secure and safe to use.
  2. Easy transaction processes: Depositing and Withdrawing money on the W88 website is extremely safe and does not require a lot of time for processing requests which makes W88 a good choice to use when playing sports betting online. Most of these transactions are carried out online instantly without any irrelevant third-party link interference.
  3. Top W88 Football sponsor benefits: The W88 website is also home to many sports sponsors and most of the W88 Sponsor includes top teams from the football world. This is something extremely beneficial for its members and football fans because this brings huge bonus offers that members can claim to play W88 Football betting online on top W88 Premier League matches.
  4. Provides you with good bonuses: Speaking of bonuses, right from the moment you join you can claim some of the most extravagant bonus offers under the W88 Promotion section including a W88 free credit of A$20 on verifying your account details. The rollover requirements of these bonuses is extremely simple and overall beneficial to boost your W88 account wallet instantly.
  5. Smooth betting experience: Last but not least, the overall betting experience on the W88 website is smooth and simple thanks to its interface. Moreover, there are betting charts of statistical data, live stream services, and other helpful tools in the W88 sportsbooks that you can use to make accurate bets online, thereby enhancing the betting experience for W88 football betting online.


The W88 Football betting experience on top W88 Premier League is something you can find rarely on the internet, and so experiencing this is something you should try at least once as a bettor. That being said, the W88 website is extremely beneficial to commit to as you keep getting member benefits via the W88 promotion offers on W88 sportsbook products and other gaming products offered on the website. So go ahead and create an account in the W88 register today to wager on W88 Football Premier League matches online using the bonuses and W88 Free Credit. For more such simple betting tutorials and tips and tricks to win, keep visiting W88zo.