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Exclusive W88 Free Credit deal! Verify account & get A$20 on account verification. Update password, add bank details, verify phone & email to get A$20 W88 bonus!

There are many benefits to joining the W88 website like amazing gaming products from top providers, and extravagant W88 promotion bonuses for new members. However, one of the most beneficial perks of being a W88 member is the W88 free credit that you can get on verifying your online betting account. So make a W88 login or W88 register today to claim the W88 free credit using any of the W88 Link buttons above.

Grab A$20 W88 Free Credit promotion offer on account verification

The W88 website provides you with many beneficial promotional bonuses that you can claim on your first deposit. However, the W88 free credit bonus is something that you can get by verifying your account details for security purposes. This is one of the most beneficial W88 bonuses not only because it boosts your account wallet, but also because it makes your account’s security tight and protected.

w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification
w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification completion
Update your PasswordMeet the W88 password strength and add security questionAUD 20
Enter Bank InformationAdd Bank Account Information to play with real money
Verify Phone NumberVerify registered phone number via OTP
Confirm Email AddressConfirm and verify registered email address
  • The W88 Free Credit promotion is given to new members for completing the important details in their registered accounts and verifying account details. Click on the W88 link for the free credit above to learn more from the official website.
  • This W88 promotion is also given to make new W88 members comfortable with making deposits, playing with real money, and making withdrawals, as part of the conditions mentioned below.
  • When you confirm and verify the 4 important details mentioned above, your account data will be secured in the W88 database and will help you avoid any fraudulent acts.
  • The best part of this promotion is that it can be applied with other first deposit bonuses available for W88 Casino, Keno, Slots, and Sportsbook products.

Create W88 crypto account for USDT5 free credit

The W88 website often update itself to meet the needs of worldwide customers and also keep up with trends. Recently they have introduced crypto betting via crypto accounts, and as you have guessed, this W88 Free Credit promotion offer is available in USDT as well! You can access the W88 crypto free credit using the same W88 link provided above.

w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification for crypto accounts
  • Upon verifying the required details, as mentioned above, and completing the conditions mentioned below, you can claim a W88 free bet code credit of USDT5 credited to your W88 crypto account. Use the W88 link buttons to claim the crypto W88 free credit bonus.
  • This promotion requires you to complete the same conditions for the W88 Free Credit A$20, the only change is that it is provided in cryptocurrency which would let you deposit, game, and withdrawal from W88 in USDT.
  • The W88 free credit promotion for USDT5 can be credited by creating a W88 crypto account during the time of registration or by visiting your profile and clicking on the ‘Create My Crypto Account’ button.

Note: If you claim the W88 Free Credit A$20 then you cannot claim the USDT5 W88 Free Credit. The same goes for other W88 promotions that you can claim on your first deposit which you can read more about by clicking on the W88 link buttons above. So, if you wish to deposit, game, and make withdrawals in USDT, then only you should opt for the USDT5 crypto W88 free bet code, otherwise you can claim the W88 free credit A$20 to game with real AUD cash.

Follow these 2 simple steps to claim the W88 Free Credit A$20 bonus

Now that you know about the W88 free credit and what you must do to claim the W88 Promotion in your online account, let us quickly look into the process of claiming the W88 free credit A$20 in 2 simple steps by W88zo. That being said, these 2 steps can be used to claim the USDT5 W88 free credit as well by only switching to your crypto account.

Step 1: Join W88 and Visit the Promos section 

  • To claim the W88 free credit, you will need an account in the W88 register, so you must first click on the ‘Join‘ button and fill out the registration form using our given W88 link to the official website. If you already own a W88 account then click on the ‘Login‘ button on the homepage.
w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification step 1
  • Once you have logged into your account in the W88 Register you must click on the ‘Promos‘ option and then click on the ‘Special‘ section to access the terms and conditions of the W88 free credit A$20 promotion by clicking on it.

Step 2: Visit profile to complete and verify the following details

  • In the next step, you must click on your username and this will give you a pop-up box where you must click on the ‘Profile‘ option.
w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification step 2
  • This will take you to your profile, where you will see that your account is unverified with 0% security. Here you must then verify or enter all the required details mentioned below to turn that 0% to a 100% secured account.


w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification update password

Update Password

The first thing you have to do is update your W88 password by entering a new one and meeting the W88 password strength requirements.

Once done, you have to go ahead and enter a security question with an answer only you would know. This works as a password backup for your account in the W88 Register.


w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification banking details

Add Bank Details

You will have to then enter a bank account detail with accurate information in the W88 registered account for gaming online.

You can enter your bank account details or enter your PayPal ID to game online with real money by making bank or online transactions. See W88 Deposit to learn how to make W88 deposits in your account.


w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification phone verification

Verify Number

Then, you must verify the registered phone number that you entered during the W88 registration process.

For this, you must click on the phone icon and then click on the ‘send verification code button, and this will send an OTP to your registered number. Enter the W88 OTP in the given slot and confirm your phone number.


w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification email verification

Confirm Email

Similar to the W88 registered phone number verification, you need to verify your email address by confirming the OTP sent by W88.

For this, you should click on the ‘send verification code’ button and go to your email account to open the code sent by W88. Then confirm your account by verifying your registered email and completing the process.

Once you have successfully verified all these details you will see the W88 Free Credit of A$20 or USDT5 locked in your online betting account. To unlock this you must then make a minimum deposit of A$12 only and then rollover the amount one time. After that, you will be able to make a W88 Withdrawal of minimum A$18 along with the A$20 free credit! So, use the official W88 link give by us to claim the W88 free credit today!

Important W88 free credit terms to claim A$20 successfully!

With this, you know almost everything about the W88 free credit and the claiming process via the W88 link buttons. However, the most important thing of the W88 free credit promotion is its terms and conditions which you should learn more about under the official W88 website’s promotion page. But to summarize the W88 promotion for the Free credit, you must keep the below-mentioned terms in mind.

w88zo w88 free credit aud20 on account verification tutorial guide
  • To claim the W88 free credit A$20, you must make a minimum deposit in your W88 wallet. The amount for the minimum W88 deposit is A$12 only.
  • You must then game in the game rooms of the W88 website using the deposited money, and complete the mandatory 1-time rollover requirement for this W88 free bet code promotion.
  • Then make a successful W88 Withdrawal of a minimum of A$18 from your account wallet to the real bank account and this will credit the A$20 W88 free credit to your account.

Overall, this W88 Promotion offer is to help new members verify important account details for security purposes and also help them learn how to deposit, play, and withdraw as a member in the W88 website. Since this promotion offer tends to alter or update every month, make a registration using the W88 link today to not miss out!


Claiming the W88 Free Credit is extremely beneficial because if you think about it, the W88 team offers this W88 Promotion as a way to secure member accounts. Moreover, with the conditions to make a minimum deposit, a game to complete the rollover requirement of one time, and to make a W88 withdrawal, the W88 team prepares the members to be comfortable with carrying out the main steps of earning with W88 efficiently. Thus, join the W88 register with a new account today and claim this extravagant W88 free bet code credit along with a first deposit bonus on any of the W88 dashboard products.