Exclusive! W88 Aston Villa shirt deal announced for 2019 EPL

The W88 Aston Villa shirt deal has proudly been announced for the 2019-2020 EPL season! Grab promotions, merch, and more benefits for AVFC fans and W88 members!

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The W88 website offers its members some of the best gaming products you will find on the internet however apart from this they also partner up with some of the top football sponsors and game room providers to further enhance their member’s gaming experience by giving them the best-of-the-best outcomes from these successful partnerships. One such successful partnership is the W88 Aston Villa deal, and to know more about it read on!

W88 Aston Villa Sponsorship deal proudly announced in 2019!

If you visit the official W88 website then you will see that W88 has partnered up with some of the top EPL teams as sponsor partners and also has some of the best sportsmen posing as W88’s brand ambassador. Recently, this amazing and impressive milestone list has added another name and that is none other than Aston Villa, the Villan Lions of football!

w88 aston villa sponsorship deal for 2019 epl season announced

In June 2019, it was announced that Aston Villa would be posing as the W88 shirt sponsor for the upcoming 2019 – 2020 European Premier League. This deal will not only bring exciting benefits to the W88 members as promotions and bonuses but also give Aston Villa fans a brand new W88 jersey kit. This W88 Aston Villa deal will have the teams wearing the W88 logo in front of their shirt throughout this tenure for their home, away, and third kit. The Aston Villa W88 shirt kit will be available for purchase on the official websites of both parties or on the internet.

What can fans expect from the W88 Aston Villa deal?

Let us look at why the W88 Aston Villa deal is important and beneficial not only to the W88 members but also Aston Villa fandom. In the coming EPL season which is the 2019/20 season, Aston Villa W88 kit will be available for purchase along with many bonuses to place a W88 Bet on the Villans as support. So, join the W88 register to claim the W88 promotions today!

w88 aston villa sponsorship deal for premier league season revealed

  • Promotions: The first and most beneficial outcome for fans and members brought to you by the W88 Aston Villa sponsor deal is the promotions. These promotional bonuses are exclusive to wagering on the Aston Villa team during the EPL season. Moreover, these promotions also offer rebates in case the team loses a match in the EPL season, which means you can earn back your money!
  • Merchandise: Next, with the new Aston Villa W88 shirt sponsor deal, the entire Aston Villa W88 kit will be available for purchase on the official website of Aston Villa. Moreover, W88 members who have surpassed the VIP levels can claim these as gifts or rewards on the W88 website.
  • Priority matches: Lastly, as sponsors the W88 website will prioritize all Aston Villa matches on the website by offering banners, announcements, early odds, and also reminders with easy-to-access bet slips so that fans do not miss out on any Aston Villa matches. These matches can also be live-streamed on the W88 website with a member account.

Know what the top heads have to say about the W88 Aston Villa deal

In this section, let us look into what the top heads of both parties have to say about this W88 Sponsorship deal. The W88 Aston Villa sponsor, which will bring out the new Aston Villa W88 shirt kits for members and fans is itself a great thing. However, besides the Aston Villa W88 kit, both parties are looking forward to exciting results and success from this sponsor partnership.

“We are happily excited to be working with Aston Villa, a team that has been one of England’s finest football teams for many years. In the coming months, we look forward to connecting with the fans, players, and also the club’s management.”
~ Hilly Ehrlich, W88 Business Development Manager

w88 aston villa sponsorship deal for 2019 epl season revealed

The Club is happy to welcome W88 as their new Principal Partner and the logo of W88 will sit prominently on the Aston Villa W88 kit for the 2019-202 European Premier League season. Moreover, thanks tothis deal, our club partner W88’s global platform can address our international fan base, and this is definitely a record-breaking commercial partnership for the Aston Villa team.”
~ Nicola Ibbetson, Aston Villa’s Chief Commercial Officer

About Aston Villa F.C. – The Lion Villans of Football

Aston Villa, known as the Villans or Lions thanks to their crest, is one of the oldest football teams in England with an impressive history. Right from the beginning they have been relentlessly performing on the field and also bagging wins. They are now one of the most dominating teams in the Premier Leagues so supporting by betting on them on the W88 website is a must!

w88 aston villa sponsorship deal for 2019 2020 epl season revealed

Aston Villa is known to have won the First Division Championship and the F.A. Cup seven times, which is an impressive number. They earned their biggest win against Wimbledon with a finished score of 7-1, and have been one of the few teams to take the European Cup home which they won in 1982. In the same year, they won the European Super Cup which they won again in 1983. In the coming EPL, the Aston Villa team, flaunting the W88 logo, will perform as brightly as ever!

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W88 is one of the leading gaming platforms on the internet that has managed to gain a global presence within a few years of stepping into the betting domain online. W88 strives to provide its customers with top-notch gaming experiences, extravagant bonuses, and many benefits for non-members as well as their impressive free demo gaming rooms.

w88 aston villa sponsorship deal for 2019 premier league season

W88 is also famous for its amazing yet beginner-friendly sportsbook that you can access to bet and watch live matches online. Previously, W88 has partnered up with Wolverhampton F.C. and has Emile Heskey as its global brand ambassador. In the future, members can look forward to an extensive list of partnership deals with extreme excitement, benefits, and more promotional offers to claim!


This was all about the existing W88 Aston Villa sponsor deal that would not only be beneficial to both parties but also to the members of the W88 website and Aston Villa fans. So, join the W88 website today and claim the W88 promotion offer along with other benefits this deal will bring and rewards like the Aston Villa W88 shirt kit. To know how to win betting on Aston Villa matches, visit our sportsbook section where we have simple beginner guides, tips, tricks, strategies, and more!