W88 Gaming Online – top 10 W88 Games to play with A$0.5 only

Play W88 Games Online: Xoc Dia, Tai Xiu, Thai Hi-Lo, Fish Prawn Crab, etc. with a minimum bet stake of A$0.5. Join W88 Gaming & win a 100% bonus of up to A$240.

Introduction to W88 Gaming Online

W88 Online Gaming Platform has a lot to offer you, sports events to bet on, online casinos to play, slots machines to win, lottery to win, and so much more, but we are focusing on one section of W88 in this article, that is, W88 Online Gaming Games with virtual dealers to conduct the game and online players to bet on W88 games like Xoc Dia, Thai Hi-Lo, Punto Banco, Fish Prawn Crab, Octopus Game, and so on.


Join W88 Online Gaming and create a 100% authenticated account to receive A$60 in free W88 credit as a new member. Make your first payment and start playing W88 Games from the ‘Games’ area on the official website’s Menu Bar. To play any online game at W88 Australia, all you need is A$0.5 in your W88 wallet. Continue reading this post to learn more about W88 Gaming.

7 Reasons to select at W88 Online Gaming platform

W88 Betting Company provides a variety of sports matches to wager on. W88 Live Casino games, fishing games, peer-to-peer lottery, and so on. However, we are simply discussing W88 Games, which are virtual video games. As a result, understand why you should use W88 Online Gaming to play and win more real money in one bet.

  1. W88 Online Gaming Platform: Based on Presidential Decree 1896, the W88 Online Gaming platform offers legal online gaming under the license of PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) by Philippines First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation.
  2. Simple user interface: The organization, structure, and gameplay of W88 are simple to read, grasp, and navigate. If players are unable to locate any W88 game, there is always a search icon at the top for them to type and search. As a result, W88 is straightforward, easy, and elegant to use.
  3. W88 Online Game Variants: There are 25+ W88 games available for online players, and each online game is unique. As a result, study the rules thoroughly before beginning the experience of learning new games in one spot.
  4. W88 offers quick and secure transactions: W88 payment services provide rapid deposits and withdrawals thanks to the SSL certificate. W88 accepts fast bank transfers and net banking deposits. Withdraw your money from W88 within 15 minutes via a bank transfer.
  5. W88 Games Mobile App availability: Players can gamble online whenever they want, without the need for a laptop. W88 Lite is available on your mobile phone, whether it is an Android or an iOS device. The W88 Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.
  6. Live Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are several ways to communicate with a W88 Live representative to solve your problem in under a minute. You can connect to live chat, which is open 24 hours a day, email W88 CS, make a web call to the number, join a Telegram channel, and so on.
  7. Promotions & Welcome Bonuses: W88 provides the best promotional incentives for online players, with one of the best being an A$60 free credit without depositing W88. Another welcome offer is 20% up to A$600 on the initial deposit at Live Casino. As a result, join W88 and claim your incentives right away.

Top 10 W88 Games Online - Most Played in Australia

The ten most popular online games at Australia’s W88 online gaming platform are listed below. Learn about the minimum and maximum betting limits, as well as the gameplay of the games, in order to play and win real money.


1. Xoc Dia

Xoc Dia’s gameplay consists of four coins, one of which is red and the other is white. The virtual dealer shakes the four coins in a bowl, and players must calculate how many will have red on top and how many will have white on top. Players can also wager on Even/Odd or Big/Small odds.

2. Thai Hi-Lo

The virtual dealer shakes three dice in a bowl, and players must anticipate whether the entire sum of the three dice numbers will be smaller, larger, even, odd, triples, doubles, or even certain numbers appearing on the dice. Total numbers 1-11 are low, and total numbers 12-17 are high; make your bets properly to win more real money.


3. Fish Prawn Crab

Fish Prawn Crab is a basic online game that is quite popular in Australia. There are three dice, each with a different face, and those faces are also represented in the betting possibilities. Players must guess which face will emerge on the dice after they have been shaken by the virtual dealer. In the Fish Prawn Crab W88 Game, you can place numerous bets.

4. Octopus Game

Octopus game, like Xoc Dia, has two symbols: pink diamond and green star. The virtual terrifying dealer will vibrate the coins in the glass equipment, and the winner will be determined by the side presented above. In the betting options, you can choose whether all coins will show a green star, all coins will show a pink diamond, or other alternatives.


5. Two Eight War

Two Eight War is a popular game in Australia, where 40 Mahjong tiles are used. There are numerous participants on the table in this W88 game, and each player, including the dealer, gets dealt two tiles. If a player’s two tiles are higher than the dealer’s two tiles, the player wins the game. If the dealer has higher tiles, the game is won by the dealer and you lose your bet.

6. Fan Tan

Fan tan game with virtual dealer is similar to live dealer fan tan game online. A random number of beads are chosen from a huge jar of beads and set in lines of four beads each. Players must wager on the numbers remaining in the final line. Play this simple game to increase your chances of earning real money.


7. Lucky Derby

W88 Games’ Lucky Derby is a virtual horse race. There are six horses competing in the race, and you must predict who will win. Place your bets on the horse you think will win and gain a lot of money with shire luck. By correctly guessing the Lucky Derby virtual horse race at W88, you can double your money in less than 15 seconds.

8. Money Blast

Money Blast is a virtual race in space between six rockets. This W88 game has a stunning background and a fantastic soundtrack. Place your bets on any of the six rockets ranging from A$0.5 to A$500 and wait for the race to start and finish to determine the winner. You can get the game result in 10 seconds and sure, you can double your money in 10 seconds.


9. The Ladder

In the online game Ladder, participants must estimate whether the ladder will start from L left or R right, whether the ladder will conclude in O or E, and the number of legs formed by the ladder. Once the players have finished predicting the probable scenarios, the ladder game begins by automatically producing the ladder steps, and the winner is selected.

10. Rooster Fight

The name of the game, the rooster battle, says it all. Two roosters enter the field and fight until one is victorious. Players must place a bet on either the winning rooster or a tie. If you correctly anticipate the winner of the match, you will win the money; if you correctly predict the loser, you will lose the money you gambled in the game at W88 online.


5 Bonus tricks to Win more real money at W88 Gaming Online

Welcome to the secret to making more real money and becoming a W88 game master. Here are 5 more bonus tips to take with you before you leave and employ these online gaming tactics to build a stable career in online gambling and real money gains progressively over time.

  1. Place tiny bets: As a newbie, you should always begin online gambling with the lowest betting limit possible. W88 Online Gaming has a minimum betting limit of A$0.5, and we propose that you start with a wager of A$0.5 and progressively increase the amount.
  2. Understand the Rules: Each online game at W88 has its own set of rules, which you should familiarise yourself with before placing your bets. There is a handbook on the W88 official website that will help you read and understand the game regulations so you can play with confidence.
  3. Follow the default strategy: There are hundreds of online gambling methods to follow, read, and determine which one is best for you. Use the ones you prefer and make one your default strategy. When you start losing, don’t abandon the plan; instead, keep on tight.
  4. Manage your time and money: Getting addicted to online games at W88 is one of the easiest things to accomplish, and you must earn in order to resist your cravings to play online games all the time. You will waste time and money if you do not have a plan, play only 15 minutes every day, and spend less.
  5. Claim Welcome Bonuses: Each online gaming platform provides its best welcome bonuses for online players to claim and attract. Choose a betting site with an attractive welcome offer, such as the 20% welcome bonus of up to A$600 in W88 Promotion, and enjoy the greatest experience possible.


The W88 Online Gaming platform provides the best virtual video games for online players, with a wide range of online games and fascinating rules. Play the game to review all of the possible games and to discover all of the online games. However, instead of betting the maximum, take little bets and choose the best W88 game for yourself to play more and earn more. Join W88 today to receive an A$60 free credit and make your first deposit to receive a 20% welcome bonus up to A$600 on Live Casino.