Exclusive! W88 Burnley sponsor deal signed for 2023-2024 EPL

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The W88 website is home to some of the top gaming products on the internet where members can not only experience endless entertainment but also gain huge promotional deals. Speaking of deals, W88’s name is also popular as one of the top sponsors in Sports, with the most recent deal being the W88 Burnley shirt sponsorship. Why is this sponsorship deal so important? Well, that is because the W88 members can now gain exclusive promotional offers from this sponsor deal. In the article below, we shall explore everything you must know about the W88 Burnley sponsor deal, promotions, and more!

W88 Burnley signs Shirt sponsor deal for 2023 – 2024 EPL season

In early 2023, the Burnley Football Club and the W88 Franchise announced their exclusive sponsorship deal signed under a Shirt Partnership. This deal was branded as one of the main highlights for both parties as it is bound to last for an entire European Premier League (EPL) season.

w88 burnley sponsorship deal 2023 2024 epl season

W88 signed a deal to pose as Burnley’s shirt sponsor in early 2023 for the EPL 2023/2024 season. This deal brought a new Burnley F.C. seasonal kit to life with the W88 official brand logo sitting proudly on the front of the shirt. Not only this but the W88 website offered cashback rewards and promotions to all members betting on prioritized Burnley F.C. matches. Moreover, you can purchase exclusive merch and more that come out as benefits of this sponsor partnership. So, join the W88 Register by creating an account in under 2 minutes, and grab the first deposit W88 promotion of up to A$20!

What can you expect from the W88 Burnley sponsor deal?

So, what can you expect from the W88 Burnley sponsor deal? And the answer to this is a lot! However, below highlighted are the main offers you can expect from the W88 Burnley partnership in the years 2023 to 2024. Not only this, but there are other promotional deals, kits, and more merch still available of previous W88 Sponsorship that you can claim as an official member or at discounted prices. So, to claim all of these cool deals, join the W88 sports betting site today, and grab the promotions now!

w88 burnley partnership deal 2023 2024 epl season sponsors

  • Promotion Offers: As a W88 official member you can come across many limited-time deal cashback bonuses for wagering on Burnley F.C. matches. These matches will have notifications or banners on the official W88 website as a way of promoting the matches to fans across the globe with priority.
  • Exclusive Merch Purchase: Another thing that you can benefit from is many exclusive merch purchases that you can get on the official W88 Burnley store on the team’s website. There are away, home, friendly, adult, and kids W88 Burnley jersey kits available.
  • Personalized Merchandise: Not only this but you can also personalize the W88 Burnley kit and other merch by adding your name and preferred jersey number on the official Burnley F.C. shop online which is something you must not miss out on till this sponsor deal lasts.
  • Fan interaction with the team: This deal’s sole purpose is to get fans closer to interacting with Burnley F.C. by placing a wager on the team in the W88 sportsbook. For this, W88 offers bonuses that fans can claim to wager and support Burnley F.C. without spending a lot from their own pockets while earning more if the bet wins or getting cashback rebates if it loses.
  • Discounts on products: Lastly, as the 2023-2024 W88 Burnley deal comes to an end, you can grab official merch at discounted prices which is a great benefit for those maintaining budgets on their expenses. These W88 Burnley sponsorship discounts are limited-time deals so be sure to grab a kit today while you can!

How will both parties benefit from this deal?

The W88 Burnley sponsorship deal is definitely one of the most beneficial sponsorship deals in both party’s careers with the W88 Burnley members and fans benefiting from it as well. But how will both, W88 and Burnley benefit from this? There are two ways in which they will benefit and that includes promoting each other while the W88 Burnley partnership lasts.

For instance, W88’s logo will be proudly displayed on the front of their shirt while all Burnley matches are prioritized by the W88 website on their homepage through banners, and also exclusive promotion deals that fans can claim. Go ahead and make a W88 Bet on the Burnley F.C. matches today to not miss out on any cool promotional deal!

w88 burnley sponsorship deal 2023 2024 epl season parnership

Apart from this, the W88 Burnley partnership will bring out many other deals, and discounts, that the fans can get their hands on. Overall, both parties are proud of this sponsorship deal and have greater expectations from it. Let us now take a look at the top head’s comments on the W88 Burnley sponsor deal from both ends.

“Since we are a newly promoted club, a partnership with W88 plays a significant role in helping us compete in the Premier League this season. The betting site has managed to previously establish successful relationships with many Premier League clubs and sports brands across the globe. It is impressive and we have indeed been impressed by their experience, knowledge, and proactive nature as partners in the sports area. I’m looking forward to developing a successful partnership together for this season.”

– Burnley FC Director, Stuart Hunt

The Burnley F.C. team certainly is glad to interact with fans and know they are supported thanks to the bets you can place on them. But besides this, W88 is also proud to add another milestone in their career chart associated with the Premier League hoping for a successful partnership.

“We are hugely passionate about the Premier League in football and are right now delighted to partner with Burnley F.C., especially this year since they return to the Premier League. With Vincent Kompany at the helm we are excited to see the team perform well this season!”

– W88 Business Development Manager, Hilly Ehrlich

Yes, the W88 Burnley deal is bound to come to an end after one EPL season but who knows, they might extend this partnership deal for another if they gain maximum benefits from it! That being said, one this is for sure, W88 and Burnley F.C. are relentless and some of the best in their own domain. So, join the W88 website to get lifetime access to any W88 Burnley matches live streams, even when the deal ends!

About Burnley F.C., one of top Premier League team

From their first win against Liverpool in the F.A. cup taken place in the year 1914 till today, the Burnley Football Club has relentlessly been fighting their way to the top with each premier league. Throughout the years, this popular EPL team has won many matches, and lost as well, only to rise as winners again. Their milestones are impressive right from the time they were formed in the year 1882 as a Rugby team that later changed the course of their sport after moving to Turf Moor, their home ground.

w88 burnley sponsorship deal for european premier league 2023 2024

  • After their very first win in the year 1914, their most significant win was in the 1921/22 Premier League season against Manchester City where they won with a 5:2 finish, however, due to the war times, they were promoted second to Manchester City which made them lose this title.
  • But things changed in 1960, when Burnley F.C. again became League Champions against Manchester City which caused a huge celebration to take place among all Burnley fans. Till today the Claret’s are known to be one of the dominating teams in the Premier League in their own way slowly getting closer each year to becoming League Champions again.

About W88, the no.1 sports betting site in Malaysia

Just like Burnley F.C., W88 is worldwide popular in the betting world domain and is considered to be one of the best places where you can not only place bets on your favorite team but also spend leisure time on some of the most entertaining casino games as a member. Not only this, but W88 welcomes each member with huge welcome bonuses that go up to A$240 on their products. Throughout the years W88 has defended its title of being the best of the best betting site for beginners as well as pro players.

w88 burnley sponsorship deal for european premier league season

  • The W88 betting company has previously partnered with other top premier league teams over 5 years. Before Burnley F.C. the Fulham team proudly wore the W88 logo on their jersey kit in the year 2022-23. During the same year, W88 and Argentine F.A. signed a Regional Partnership deal for the Qatar World Cup, which the international team proudly won!
  • Other W88 sponsorship teams include Crystal Palace F.C. (2020-21), Aston Villa F.C. (2019-20), Leicester City F.C. (2018-19), and Wolverhampton F.C. (2018-19). Along with Emile Heskey, the famous Liverpool footballer, and Brian Lara, the top Trinidadian International cricket, posing as the former and current W88 Brand Ambassadors, respectively.


The W88 Burnley deal is one of the most fitting sponsorship deals created which is bound to end with great success to both parties. This is because this deal solely benefits not only both sides but also the W88 members and Burnley F.C. fans. So, join the W88 register in under 2 minutes today and wager on the Burnley F.C. team to show your support, while boosting your account wallet with the exclusive W88 promotion offers that come with the W88 Burnley sponsorship, hurry!