W88 Register: Fill form to make W88 Club login in 2 minutes!

Create account in the W88 Register by filling out W88 form in only 2 minutes via this 3-step W88 club login guide. Join W88 for 100% up to AUD240 welcome bonus!

Online betting platform gaming has become one of the most popular methods to enjoy some entertaining leisure time thanks to their extensive range of gaming products. One such online betting platform is the W88 Asia website where you get to game online at some of the most fun gaming products on the interest which includes sports betting, casino gaming, and many more! So, creating an account in the W88 register is a must, and below mentioned is a simple tutorial on how to make a W88 club login, and the benefits of becoming a part of the W88 family.

Create account in the W88 Register in 3 simple steps

The W88 Asia gaming platform is one of the most fun places you can chill online thanks to all the products you can get access to once you successfully join W88. Upon creating and account int he W88 register and making a W88 bet login, you can also get the chance to claim 100% up to AUD240 welcome bonus offers on your first deposit with an additional free credit of AUD20 on account verification.

Note: To access the official W88 website in Australia, you will be required to use a VPN that connects you to another country’s IP address since the W88 Asia website may be restricted in the country.

Step 1: Access the official W88 website and click on ‘Join’

The first thing that you must do is to enter the W88 Asia official website and you can do so by clicking on any of the W88 club login links mentioned in the buttons above. 

This will automatically take you to the official W88 website without any harmful redirection. Once you have entered the W88 website, you must click on the ‘Join‘ button on the top right corner of your screen to access the W88 form for making the registration on the W88 Asia website.

Step 2: Enter your username, password, and account type

When you are done with the first step above on the W88 Asia website, you will be given a pop-up W88 form for creating an account in the W88 register. On this W88 form for registration, there are important details that you must fill out one-by-one with accuracy as instructed below.

  • Username: The first detail you must enter must be your username which must be unique yet similar to your legal name for verification purposes. Moreover, it is important to keep an alphanumeric name, as spaces and other characters are not allowed for a W88 club login username.
  • Password: You must then move on to create a strong password for yourself which should be easily recallable to only and only you. This password must be alphanumeric containing characters as well, and must pass the W88 password strength as ‘Strong’.
  • Currency: Next, you must select from the drop down menu you preferred currency. This currency is basically what you wish to use to play and earn in the W88 dashboard products. Thus, selecting AUD is a good option for Australian players here. 
  • Account Type: A newly added feature to the W88 website is the account type selected, where you get to immediately create a crypto account as well. So, since normal is auto-selected, you can choose to create a crypto account or not by clicking on the given box.

Note: The W88 crypto account is used to deposit, play, and earn for withdrawals in Crypto USDT coins. As shown, you can create your crypto account instantly during W88 register process, or later visit your W88 profile and click the ‘Create My Crypto Account’ button. Since this still is a part of the W88 Asia website, you have to log into your W88 crypto accounts using VPN as well.

Step 3: Enter important contact information and join W88

In the final section of the W88 form for registration, you must enter your legal or full name and contact details to complete the W88 registration process successfully. Once done, you will immediately get your account created in the W88 register where you can then make a W88 bet login to game on the amazing products on the website.

  • Full Name: In this section, you must enter your full name, most preferably, as given in legal documents since this can come in handy for a smooth verification process on the W88 Asia website.
  • Email: Then you must enter your email address which must be an active one as this will be used for verification as well as important notices related to your W88 account.
  • Mobile Number: Similar to your email address, you should enter your phone number for verification, and security purposes. Keep in mind to enter an active phone number and update the number whenever it changes in the future as your account will be linked to it for easy W88 bet login via OTP verification.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Lastly, you will be given an option to opt-in to receive newsletters from the W88 website by clicking on a slider button. These newsletter contain updates about the applications, as well as promotional offers, which will be sent to your registered email address.

When you have completed entering all the details in the W88 form for registration, you must then recheck them and make sure everything is entered accurately. Once done, click on the ‘Join‘ button again to complete the W88 registration process successfully as a W88 Asia member with VPN. You will then be automatically logged into your W88 club login account, where you will be welcomes with the message as shown in the image below.

Get 100% up to AUD240 bonus on your 1st deposit

As mentioned above, once you join W88 Asia betting site, you can get access to exciting products, services, and offers, which will only grow in number over time. But once you have completed your W88 registration process successfully, the below mentioned W88 Promotion bonuses is something you should opt-for on your first deposit. 

W88 Free Credit AUD20

Upon joining the W88 register and verifying all account details successfully, you will be credited with AUD20 in your account wallet as the W88 Free Credit bonus is application to all verified accounts. Then upon making a successful deposit of a minimum of AUD12, you can unlock this amount and play to make W88 withdrawals.

W88 Slot Bonus AUD240

The second bonus offer that you should look out for as a new W88 member is the 100% up to AUD240 slot gaming bonuses that is applicable to any one of the top game room provider’s W88 slot games. Make a minimum deposit of only AUD 12 and complete the 20 times rollover requirement to withdraw this promotion cash bonus. 

W88 Casino Bonus AUD240

If you have created an account in the W88 register for keno or live casino gaming then you can opt-in for the 20% up to AUD240 welcome bonus offer. Here, you must make a minimum deposit of AUD12 and complete the rollover requirement of 15 times of W88 keno or W88 live casino products based on your preferences. 

W88 Welcome Bonus AUD60

Lastly, W88 also offers new members a generic W88 promotion welcome bonus of 100% up to AUD60 offer. This W88 promo bonus is applicable to Live Casino, Keno, and Slots products on the W88 website. You can make a minimum deposit of AUD12 and complete the rollover 20 times to claim this W88 promotion bonus.

Why choose and join W88 as your official betting site?

With this, you know all about your W88 Register process which takes only under 2 minutes. So, in this section, let us help you understand the reasons why you should create an account in the W88 register. The W88 Asia website is one of the best places to game online, especially if you are a beginner player. This is because the longer you stay with the W88 club login ID, the more benefits you can get over time.

  1. Legally operated: The W88 Asia website is operated legally as it owns a license from the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers. This is something that allows the W88 website to provide its products and services to customers worldwide including Australia.
  2. Requires VPN: The W88 website can be accessed in Australia via VPN which auto-generates an IP address to hide your personal IP address information for you so that you can play fun and classic casino games on the website from your country.
  3. Offers W88 free credit: Next, when you join W88 Asia, you must verify your account details, and once done, you can get AUD20 W88 free credit in your account wallet which you can then withdraw upon making a W88 deposit.
  4. W88 promotion offers on the first deposit: Moreover, when you make a W88 deposit for the very first time, you can claim any of the aforementioned W88 promotion bonuses on different kinds of products based on your preference.
  5. Extensive gaming products: The last and most important reason to join the W88 website is the fact that you can never get bored thanks to its extensive range of gaming products. Here you can get to game online for sports betting, casino gaming, and even slot and W88 fishing, lottery, and P2P gaming.


So, using this tutorial, you can go ahead and create an account in the W88 Register in only under 2 minutes. Verify the details and claim the W88 free credit of AUD20, then make your very first W88 deposit to claim the W88 promotion up to AUD240 to keep boosting your account wallet. W88 Asia is one of the most reputed websites on the internet in the betting world domain which caters to the needs of both beginners and pros, and joining W88 is something you should do today for exclusive offers!