W88 Fulham Sponsor deal: Know benefits, expectations & more!

W88 Fulham Sponsor: Exclusive! W88 signs deal with Fulham F.C. for 2022/23 EPL season! Get bonuses & grab the W88 Fulham jersey 2022/23 kit from official sites!

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When betting sites partner up with your favorite football teams then you not only get a new way of supporting your teams but also gain additional cashback benefits, merch, and many other things from the betting site and your favorite team’s official site that you can purchase. The W88 Fulham sponsor is one such deal where there are many benefits not only to both parties but also to the members of the site and the Fulham fandom. So read on and discover more about this deal, the top benefits, and both parties and their expectations from the W88 Live Fulham sponsor partnership.

W88 Fulham Sponsor – Best partnership of the 2022/23 EPL season!

Over the years W88 has partnered up with many football teams as a shirt sponsor, betting partner, and also a regional partner. These partnership deals are either renewed or kept upgrading with every new EPL season. For the 2022 and 2023 EPL season, the Fulham Football Club proudly declared W88 as their official shirt sponsor. So, fans can get many exciting deals here just like the other W88 Sponsors throughout history.

w88 fulham sponsor 2022 23 epl season revealed shirt sponsor deal revealed

  • The W88 Sponsorship with Fulham F.C. was officially revealed on the 25th of July 2022 for the upcoming EPL season, so this deal will take place for an entire year till 2023.
  • Moreover, the W88 Fulham sponsor deal revealed the Fulham Jersey 2022/23 kit on 29th July 2022. This kit will be worn by all the teams of Fulham and is also available to purchase as merch on the official Fulham website or the internet.

During the W88 Fulham sponsor tenure, both parties will fully support each other in promoting and prioritizing each other’s franchise in their respective domain. As the official shirt sponsor the W88 logo will be worn by the Fulham team in their Fulham Jersey 2022/23 kit and the W88 website will promote all Fulham F.C. matches via banners, prioritized displays on their homepage, and also extravagant bonuses the members can claim for betting on the Fulham match with cashback rebates.

Top 3 benefits fans get from the W88 Fulham Sponsor deal!

Let us now talk about the benefits that fans can get from the W88 Fulham Sponsor deal this EPL season. Although there are many surprising benefits coming up, so far we have 3 benefits unveiled that not only Fulham fans but also the W88 members can claim. If you wish to claim any of these benefits then create an account in the official W88 Bet site’s register today!

w88 fulham sponsor for 2022 and 2023 epl jersey kit

  1. Promotional offers: Firstly, there are many promotions that fans can take full advantage of from the W88 Fulham deal. These promotion offers are given to members of the W88 website to wager on the team during their matches for the EPL season as a way to show support. Moreover, these deals also contain rebates if the team loses the match, which means that members can get their cash back!
  2. Exclusive Merch kits: Another exciting benefit is the W88 Fulham Jersey 2022/23 merch that fans can collect from the Fulham official website or the internet. The W88 Fulham jersey 2022/23 kit are available as home and away kits with different colors that fans can purchase during the W88 Fulham sponsor tenure or after it on the internet.
  3. Prioritized matches: Last but not least, as a W88 member you won’t be able to miss out on any Fulham F.C. matches and information as these will be prioritized on the homepage’s banners, W88 homepage, or in the W88 blog section for fans to wager on as a form of support to the Fulham F.C. team.

Know what the W88 Fulham top heads have to say about this partnership

With the top 3 benefits unveiled you now know about the benefits members of the W88 website and also Fulham fans can claim out of this exciting W88 Fulham sponsor deal. However, this is not all as the top heads of both parties are looking forward to gaining benefits and a great partnership relationship out of this relationship. Let’s see what the top heads of W88 and Fulham have to say about this deal.

The Fulham FC and W88 aggrement strives to deliver noteworthy earnings to aid the retail goals for their new kit and also encourages to compete in a demanding and thrilling English Premier League campaign.
~ Jon Don- Carlosis, Fulham F.C. Sales Director.

w88 fulham sponsor for 2022 and 2023 epl jersey kit revealed

The W88 franchise is proud and keen to collaborate with the most senior trained and well-known football club in London which is none other than the Fulham Football Club. W88 is looking forward to benefit their dynamic multinational fanbase during the 2022/23 EPL season by giving them top-notch innovative content alongside the Fulham Club.
~ Hilly Ehrlich, W88’s Business Development Manager

The W88 Fulham Sponsor deal is bound to be successful just like both parties in their respective domains. So, read on to learn more about one of London’s best football teams, Fulham F.C., and one of the top online betting sites, W88.

All about Fulham F.C., the Cottagers of Football!

Fulham F.C., being one of London’s most senior and oldest teams began their journey in the year 1879 as Fulham St. Andrew’s partaking in the cricket sport. But since they focused more on the football world after their first win, they have since then been getting higher and higher in fame and progress with their impressive history. Today the Fulham Football Club is one of the most dominating teams in the European Premier League.

w88 fulham sponsor for 2022 and 2023 shirt sponsor deal revealed

Some years after the team began taking their sport seriously they moved and settled in Craven Cottage, giving them their official nickname in football ‘The Cottagers’. This shift made the team more ambitious as they won, lost, and came back as winners throughout their years to date. Today Fulham F.C. has its own Academy with professional staff training many young talented people interested in football. This Academy believes in individual development brought together in a higher-performing environment that creates the champions of tomorrow.

Know about W88, one of the top betting sites

Just like the Fulham Football Club is one of the most dominating teams in the entire English Premier League, W88 is one of the most dominating betting sites on the internet that caters to bettors worldwide. W88 is one of those betting sites that has built their way up throughout the years not only providing quality content to members of the betting site but also adapting to cater to their needs along the way.

w88 fulham shirt sponsor for new epl season revealed

The W88 Website is home to many products like Sportsbooks, Casino games, Live Casino, Slot gaming, Lottery, Fishing games, P2P platforms, and many more products you can explore as a member. Moreover, they offer extravagant promotion offers that attract many fans from across the globe since these promos are catered to meet beginner’s as well as pro player needs. Just like Fulham F.C., W88 has collaborated with many other top football teams in EPL like Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, Leicester City, and Wolverhampton F.C., with many more upcoming sponsor deals members can look forward to in the coming years.


This was all about the W88 Fulham sponsor deal, a partnership that will benefit not only the people in on the deal but also millions of fans and members across the globe. So join the W88 register today as an official member and keep up with Fulham F.C.’s matches to claim rewards, promotions, bonuses, merch, and many upcoming benefits. Join now and claim W88 promotion offers up to A$20 on the website’s products on your first deposit today!