W88 Wolves: Official t-shirt Sponsorship deal for EPL 2018-19

For the 2018–19 English Premier League season, W88 Wolves, also known as Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C, and W88 Betting Company have a 2-year sponsorship contract.

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Overview of W88 Wolves

Since 1877, one of the top football teams has been Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, also known as the Wolves of the football pitch. Together with eleven other players, this group founded the Football League and has been competitive on the football pitch ever since, akin to a wolf pack.

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  • This football team is awesome because they live up to their moniker, Wolves of the Football World, by always forming alliances with the next generation.
  • In addition, the team’s theme colors have deeper significance because they symbolize their motto, “Out of Darkness Cometh Light,” in which the bright gold of their home uniform symbolizes light and the black of their uniform, signifies darkness.

All of these impressive team attributes, though, are not just for show; the squad has been living up to its reputation as one of the best football teams, which makes you want to wager on them. So sign up for a fantastic online betting service like W88 alternatif login links right now to wager on all Wolverhampton games and win with ease because you can trust their football expertise.

Achievements Reached by the Football Wolves

The Wolverhampton Wanderers have been a part of the main football leagues since its founding. Being among the pioneers of the big football leagues means that they have to maintain their level of experience in their respective disciplines. Let’s take a look at some of Wolverhampton’s most impressive milestone accomplishments over the years.

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  1. Following a 1-0 victory over Everton in 1893, the team won its first FA Cup.
  2. Earned the moniker “Champions of the World” from national media as a result of their consecutive winning runs in numerous floodlit friendlies against more formidable opponents.
  3. After taking over as manager of the Wolf Pack, Stan Cullis helped the team defeat Leicester City 3-1 and win another FA Cup.
  4. They overcame more formidable opponents to advance to the inaugural Europa League finals.
  5. In total, Wolverhampton Wanderers have won 17 major trophies as a team since its founding, including 11 League Title trophies, 4 FA Cups, and 2 League Cups.

What is Sponsor W88 Wolves? The Beginning of Fantastic Possibilities

The W88 Sports sponsorship is among the Wolves’ most significant accomplishments, despite all of their other accomplishments. But the same can be true for W88 since this football sponsorship enabled W88 to quickly expand its viewership. The Wolverhampton F.C. Sponsorship is really the first team to formally collaborate with W88.

w88 wolves partners for the english premier league 2018

Football sponsorship arrangements, which brilliantly flourished during their W88 Wolves sponsorship deal, fundamentally mean that both parties join together to promote one another via banners, logos, and other merchandise to enhance their reach to a wide range of audiences.

  • W88 became the official t-shirt partner of the Wolverhampton Football Club in 2018.
  • This indicates that up until the point at which their contract was set to expire in 2020, Wolverhampton played all of their games using jerseys with the W88 emblem on the front.
  • In addition, the Wolves promoted the brand name of the online betting site with their logo by using LED displays and posing with banners.

Wolverhampton wore their new W88 uniform to further promote the brand, but W88 went over and beyond by modifying the original logo’s blue hue to gold and black to match the colors of Wolverhampton F.C.

W88 and Wolverhampton Had Various Effects on One Another

Promoting an online betting site that is already at the top of the game is simpler and has many advantages for both the site and the teams doing the promoting. As a result, as you read on, you’ll see that this cooperation allowed both sides to develop in different ways and opened up a plethora of new options. One reason is that W88 consistently provides excellent customer and affiliate support; therefore, you should follow the W88 Register guide to create an account on the W88 website to receive lavish incentives!

w88 sponsorship deal with wolves FC

  • But when it came to using banners and posters to promote the football team on their official websites, W88 left nothing to be desired. In addition, Wolverhampton matches were given priority by W88, who made them the main feature of the homepage of the official website wherever they were played.
  • The majority of Wolves supporters could also purchase merchandise from the VIP area of the online bookmaker, which includes mugs, posters, and other items bearing the team’s fox logo.
  • Wolverhampton also sported their new jersey shirt, which features the W88 emblem in bold on the front, to further promote the company name. This also applied to their home, away, and third kits.
  • Finally, in their capacity as official principal partners, W88 and the Wolves will collaborate to market their sponsorship through a range of initiatives and goods, including bonus offers.

Conversations Between the Managers

Many members of the teams, as well as online gamblers and Wolves supporters worldwide, found the W88 Wolves sponsorship agreement appealing since it made it simple for them to wager on their preferred teams. Only a handful of them, though, were able to publicly show their happiness to the press. Fortunately, the Wolves and W88 managers spoke for everyone when they raised their concerns.

w88 wolves sponsorship deal

“We are pleased and appreciative of this shirt cooperation as W88 updated their official emblem to gold and black in order to promote our club. This relationship is the biggest one we’ve had to far and one of the Wolves’ biggest achievements, so we’re eager to strive towards it.~ Wolves managing director Laurie Dalrymple

The W88 Football Sponsor team’s managing director stated his happiness that W88 was so committed to the sponsorship agreement that they even altered their official emblem to reflect the Wolves’ gold and black color scheme.

He was also looking forward to working with W88 for two seasons in a row, and he voiced this on behalf of the Wolves squad.

“Wolverhampton and we both believe that this W88 shirt sponsorship is important to them since it will help us expand our brand globally. We want to satisfy Wolves fans worldwide by offering the best sports betting choices.” Manager of Business Development at W88, Hilly Ehrlich

As for W88, its business development manager, Hilly Ehrlich, seized the chance to thank the Wolves of Football, saying that joining together with them was a significant move. He stated in an interview that the W88 team saw this relationship as a significant step towards expanding their product line to a wider global user base.

Why Did the W88 Wolves’ two-year contract expire earlier?

The W88 Wolves football team signed a two-year sponsorship agreement in 2018, meaning it was intended to last until 2020. Regretfully, in 2019 this sponsorship agreement came to an earlier end than anticipated. This is because Wolverhampton FC and W88 both discovered new sponsors who would be more advantageous to them in the long run.

Wolverhampton Wanderers partners with W88 for Premier League 2018

Therefore, Wolverhampton terminated its contract with W88 and canceled this sponsorship agreement barely a year after becoming partners. Wolverhampton also had to replace their t-shirt uniform as a result of this. This, however, was a good thing because Wolverhampton’s influence has allowed W88 to expand significantly since then. W88 currently sponsors elite teams including Argentina F.A. and Fulham F.C.


Even though the W88 Wolves football sponsorship ended sooner than anticipated, both parties matured smoothly during their collaboration as a result of all the hard work that went into each of their promotion assignments. Having said that, W88 and Wolves are still making waves in their respective industries since well-known teams and sponsors continue to collaborate with them, respectively. Thus, sign up for W88 now and take advantage of the RM988 welcome bonus to wager on sports in Wolverhampton and win incredible prizes.