W88 Review – Know 10 truths with Pro & Cons of the W88 Brand

Honest W88 Review by experts! Know about the W88 company and its top gambling products. Claim 100% bonus up to A$240 on first deposit + W88 free credit of A$20!

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Pros & Cons of joining the W88 website as an official member

The below table is a summary of the Pros and Cons of joining the W88 brand as an official member. This summary is derived from the conclusion made by the W88zo expert team trying and testing out the W88 products. For more details on these pros and cons, read the W88 review mentioned below. the W88 review is detailed information data on what you will find on the W88 website overall.

w88 brand review pros and cons


w88 review pros and cons


1. Legal operating licenses and a secured website with SSL certification

2. Requires Australian players to use VPN to game on the website

3. Offers quality W88 gambling products from sports betting to P2P gaming online

4. Provides mobile application betting from the W88 company on all products

5. Gives new members exclusive W88 promotion offers including a W88 free credit

6. Contains the safest and most secure online transaction methods for deposits and withdrawals

7. Provides Crypto account for deposits, gaming, and withdrawals

8. The W88 brand is one of the top sports sponsor partners in the betting world

9. Comes with 5 W88 customer services including helpline numbers

10. Easy-to-use interface for beginners yet thrilling enough for pro players

1. Withdrawal time taken varies depending on various situations

2. Live Customer service takes time to respond based on queries

3. Requires good internet connection for smooth streaming services

4. The W88 Free Credit promotion requires you to make a deposit to roll over and withdraw the amount

W88 Review in Australia

The W88 brand is one of the most popular names known in the betting world among many gamers, and the table above clearly shows why. The W88 company is one of the best online gaming sites you can find on the internet to game with betting stakes starting as low as A$1, or in their free demo rooms. But is this betting site good for Australian gamers? Read this unbiased W88 review below to know the truth about the betting site. Is the W88 betting site really good for you? What is the background of the W88 company? Who owns W88? What products are available on the website? All these questions are answered in the detailed W88 review below!

#1. What is W88 brand? Who owns W88?

Let us first begin by looking into what is the W88 brand and who owns W88. The W88 brand is one of the best betting brands where you can find top-notch gaming products along with exclusive bonus promotion offers. Not only this, but the W88 brand also offers loyal members with exclusive VIP services, cashback rebates, and gifts. The more you read this W88 review the more better insights you will get on the W88 meaning.

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 who owns w88 review

  • The W88 company is one of the most affordable gaming sites with prestigious experiences that can be gained right after you create an account in the W88 Register.
  • The W88 brand was first introduced to the betting world in the year 2007 but gained more popularity as it got more sponsorship deals from the year 2018.
  • This online betting site is licensed to operate by the BMM Compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers. However, since this is a foreign brand Australian players can use this website through VPN.

#2. Is the W88 company legal in Australia?

When it comes to gaming online with real money, the most frequent question one must ask is whether or not the gaming platform is legal to use. So, in this W88 review, we will look into the W88 company and its legality to operate in countries like Australia wherein gambling is banned.

w88 review australia by experts is the W88 brand legal

  • As stated, the W88 company is licensed by the foreign BMM compliance and Gaming Laboratories International certificate providers, which means that with a foreign license, the W88 brand can promote its products and services worldwide.
  • So, using a good and strong VPN connection, you can join the W88 register to game on their exclusive top-notch products in Australia, and can play to win in Australian Dollars or Crypto coins.
  • That being said, there are licenses provided in Australia such as the Interactive Gambling License which allows sports betting and online lotteries, two popular products, and everything in between you can find on the W88 brand dashboard.

#3. W88 Review: Top 7 W88 dashboard products

Let us now look into what you can find on the W88 dashboard for gaming online. The W88 company website is home to many products and services. Their gaming products come from top providers in the betting world who are well-known and most trusted. The best part is that these products are available to play at low prices and some of these W88 gambling games also come with free demo rooms!

1. W88 Sportsbook

w88 review australia by experts the w88 sportsbook review Minimum Betting Stake: A$1
Features: Real match betting, Virtual match betting, Live streaming, statistical data charts, etc.

The W88 Sportsbook is one of the best online gaming products you must try on the W88 brand website. Here you get to play real match betting in their CMD sportsbook and Virtual betting on computerized matches in their v-Sports 1 sportsbook with betting stakes starting from A$1 only for registered members!

2. W88 Live Casino

Minimum Betting Stake: A$1 – A$5
Live dealer steaming on games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, etc.

Another fun and lively section on the W88 gambling website is the W88 Live Casino. Here you get to game on exclusive classic casino games and their variants like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo, and many other gaming products offered by the Gameplay Interactive game room provider.

w88 review australia by experts the w88 live casino review

3. W88 Slots Online

w88 review australia by experts the w88 slots online review Minimum Betting Stake: UUS1.50
Features: Free demo rooms, theme-based slots, progressive slots, jackpot slots, bonus reels, mega reels, etc.

The W88 Slots Online gaming section is another fun place to spend time and earn jackpot payouts as a W88 member. Here you get to play a variety of slot games for real money or in the free demo rooms with RTP rates that go up to more than 99% for huge wins!

4. W88 Fishing

Minimum Betting Stake: A$1 = 100 Fishing Coins (FC)
Features: Fishing games with different themes, different paces, bonus offers in the game, events, free demo rooms, etc.

The W88 Fishing product is one of the best W88 gambling products because here you can sit back and aim for the fishing in the game rooms that come with many in-play bonuses. Fishing games are the best way to increase your account wallet balances.

w88 review australia by experts the w88 fishing review

5. W88 Games

w88 review australia by experts the w88 games review Minimum Betting Stake: UUS2
Features: Real money rooms with betting limits, multi-tables, virtual dealers, free demo rooms, a variety of games with different gameplays, etc.

The W88 Games section on the betting site comes with many classic casino games in a virtual setting and the RNG system. Here you can game on the W88 brand website for free or for real money by setting betting limits of your choice and winning huge payouts.

6. W88 Lottery & Keno

Minimum Betting Stake: A$1 approx.
Features: W Lottery, W Keno, Lotto, Keno, Ladder Game, Multi-ticket betting, instant results within 1 minute, etc.

W88 Lottery gaming sections on the betting site are also the most played gaming sections where you get to bet on multi-tickets for lower prices and gain instant results that take no longer than a minute. You also get to play the ladder game in the multi-ticket W88 keno game rooms.

w88 review australia by experts the w88 lottery review

7. W88 P2P Games

w88 review australia by experts the w88 p2p gaming review Minimum Betting Stake: A$1
Features: Free-to-play rooms, live betting with players in a virtual setting, real money tables with betting stake limits, easy interface, etc.

Last but not least, the W88 brand offers members of the betting site to play with other fellow members for real money or free in their P2P gaming section. Here you get to play fun online casino games against other W88 players without any live or virtual dealers.

#4. Game on the go with the W88 brand mobile application

These days many people are busy with their bustling daily lives to the point where they cannot remove time to enjoy gaming online to win some extra cash via gaming or bonus offers. This is why, being a W88 member is beneficial because you can game on the go using the W88 brand mobile application.

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 who owns w88 mobile

  • The W88 brand mobile application comes with the motto of being light, fast, and secure, so downloading the application is extremely safe and does not require a lot of mobile space.
  • On the W88 mobile application, you can get all the gaming products, including the W88 promotion offers mentioned below, with additional mobile promotions as a member.
  • You can download the W88 mobile application from the betting site using the given QR code for Android and iOS. Please be sure to visit the official W88 company site from our given buttoned links to download the application.

#5. Claim huge W88 promotion offers on W88 gambling products!

Let us now look into the exclusive W88 Promotion offers you can claim as an official member right from the time you make your first deposit. But the best part about W88 is that here you also get a no deposit free credit bonus offer which we will look into in the given table below.

W88 Free Credit of A$20

W88 Slots bonus of A$240

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 promotion w88 free credit

The first W88 Promotion offer is given as a no deposit W88 Free Credit on account verification for new members. As the name suggests, upon verifying your account, you can get A$20 locked in your account wallet. To unlock this credit, you have to make a deposit, rollover the money once, and make a withdrawal, to teach new members how to register, deposit, play, and withdraw on the betting site.

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 promotion slot bonus

The second W88 promotion bonus offer is given for the W88 Slot gaming products on the betting site. Here you get a 100% up to A$240 on your first deposit of a minimum of A$12 in your W88 account. The W88 bonus amount can be withdrawn from the website after you have rolled over the amount at least 20 or 25 times depending on the slot game room provider the selected W88 bonus code applies to.

W88 Casino bonus of A$240

W88 Welcome bonus of A$60

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 promotion casino bonus

If you wish to game more on Casino and Keno games then you can claim the next W88 Promotion offer which gives you a 20% up to A$240 on casino products. To claim this promotion, you must make a minimum deposit of A$12 in your betting accounts. Then you must complete the rollover requirement of the amount 15 times in the relevant W88 brand product to make a successful withdrawal.

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 promotion welcome bonus

Lastly, there is a general W88 Promotion offer that you can claim instead of the other two as a welcome bonus on your new accounts. Here you get a 100% up to A$60 bonus on making your first deposit on the betting site of a minimum A$12. There is a rollover requirement of 20 times on your preferred products before you can make a successful W88 withdrawal from your W88 account to personal bank account.

#6. W88 Payment Methods

In the W88 Promotion section, you have learned that most of the W88 bonuses are given on your first deposit so that you can complete the rollover requirements and then make W88 withdrawals. So, in this W88 review section, let us look into the important W88 Payment methods and how they operate on the W88 website.

 W88 Deposit

 W88 Withdrawal

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 who owns w88 payment methods deposit w88 review australia by experts what is w88 who owns w88 payment methods withdrawal
  • Minimum/Maximum Deposit Amount: AUD10/AUD8,000
  • Time taken to Deposit: Instantly up to 1 minute
  • Fee: No extra charge
  • Payment modes for Deposit: Tether/Astropay Ewallet
  • Minimum/Maximum Withdrawal Amount: AUD10
  • Time taken to Withdraw: Instantly up to 1 minute
  • Fee: No extra charge
  • Payment modes for Withdrawal: Tether/Astropay EWallet

#7. W88 Brand offers Crypto gaming

If you are hesitant about making real money deposits and withdrawals on the W88 betting site, then you can join the website using a W88 crypto account. Here you get to game online with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the bonus promotion offers mentioned above, are also provided in crypto coins for the convenience of betting.

w88 review australia by experts what is w88 w88 crypto account review



  • Minimum/Maximum Crypto Deposit Amount: USDT10/USDT10,000
  • Time taken to Deposit: Instantly up to 1 minute
  • Deposit Fee: No extra charge
  • Payment modes for Crypto Deposits: USDT BEP20, USDT ERC20, USDT TRC20
  • Minimum/Maximum Crypto Withdrawal Amount: USDT15/USDT8,000
  • Time taken to Withdraw: Instantly up to 1 minute
  • Withdraw Fee: No extra charge
  • Payment modes for Crypto Withdraw: USDT BEP20, USDT ERC20, USDT TRC20

#8. W88 gameplay review

The most important part of this W88 review article has to be the W88 gameplay and so, we are here to tell you that playing the W88 brand games is extremely simple and efficient. This is not only thanks to the lower and reasonable betting stakes on their gaming products but also the simple gameplay led by the live or virtual dealer. To understand the W88 gambling gameplay, you must only remember 2 important points mentioned in the table.

1. Place your bets before the timer ends

w88 review australia by experts the w88 gameplay

2. Wait for the dealer to reveal the results

w88 review australia by experts the w88 gameplay review

  • Firstly you must enter any of the W88 brand products of your choice and place a wager on the table, or in the sportsbook. This wager must be placed before the betting timer ends, or before the betting option is locked in terms of sportsbook betting online
  • Once done, the dealer for most of the W88 gambling products will then carry on with the gameplay to reveal the betting round result.
  • If the bet is won, then the payout is directly added to your W88 account wallet, but if the bet is lost then the betting stake is deducted from your account balance.
  • Overall, the W88 gameplay for most of the products is simple as long as you know the basic rules of the games for a smooth gaming experience. Visit our W88 Bet Guide for detailed guides on gaming and sportsbook products on the W88 dashboard.

#9. Know the top W88 Sponsors

One of the best ways to tell whether or not an online betting site is legit and good for you is simply by looking at the sponsor history list. Under the W88 milestone section, you will see that the W88 website has an impressive list of W88 sponsor history, which makes them one of the most well-known betting partners and jersey sponsors in the sports world.

w88 review australia by experts w88 brand sponsors

  • Earlier in 2023, the W88 website signed a W88 Shirt sponsor deal with the Burnley Football Club. During this tenure, you will see the W88 logo on the front of their jersey kits.
  • Moreover, their previous W88 jersey sponsors included Fulham F.C., Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, and Wolverhampton F.C., all of whom have worn the W88 logo on their kits at some point for different EPL seasons from 2018 to 2022.
  • Brian Lara and Emile Heskey are also known to be W88 brand ambassadors who promote the W88 company via various means. But impressively, the Argentine F.A., winners of the Qatat World Cup 2022, were also their regional partners in the year 2022.

#10. W88 review on Customer Care services

In the final section of this W88 review, let us look into the different methods that you can use to contact the W88 customer care services. This section in this W88 review is extremely important since having good W88 customer service is important when it comes to any online gaming site. Although W88 customer care services like the W88 Live Chat agents take up to 3 minutes to respond to depending on query to query they leave no room for any doubts at the end of their service.

w88 review australia by experts the w88 customer care brand review

W88 Customer Care Methods

  1. Live Chat: You can instantly talk to a live chat agent using their live chat option which is available 24/7
  2. Skype: Add the W88 cs to your Skype account to enquire about problems via multimedia sharing, etc.
  3. Email: There is also the W88 email address available on their official W88 company website for more elaborate queries.
  4. Phone: If you are comfortable with talking on call, then you can use the W88 helpline number available on their website.
  5. Viber: Lastly, you can catch a W88 agent on Viber using their official ID from the official W88 company site.


We hope that this W88 Review helps you understand the pros and cons of gaming on the platform. Using the W88 platform is a great experience claimed by many but the only person who can know for sure if yourself. So, join the W88 betting site and claim their free credit or promotion bonuses to game on the W88 brand products. Doing so will give you an idea of whether or not you enjoy gaming on this website. If you decide to stick as a W88 member, then keep visiting W88zo for helpful betting tips and tricks to win big on the W88 gambling platform.